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  • Tarot (Voice Notes)- Rs 1100/ $26

    Unlock the secrets of the Universe with The Hekate Guidance! Get a tarot reading done with me via voice notes for Rs 888/ $21 and gain clarity and insight into your life and its challenges. With the help of tarot, you can gain insight into what lies ahead and make more informed decisions. Let me help you find your way to the right path. Book your reading now

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Programmes (191)

  • Cooldown: Stretches #2

    Alot 8 Minutes.

  • Why rest?

    Rest Day is extremely important to prevent over training. It will allow your body to heal from the previous workouts and it will allow you to regenerate in order to put forth 100 percent for the next few workout days. Make sure you get good sleep and drink plenty of water. The workouts to come will have the best impact on your goals when you have been fully rested and feel good.

  • Warm Up: Rotations & Inch Worms

    Alot approximately 5 Minutes. Rotate: Inch Worms: 20 reps

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